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Here is the latest letter from the AAUP to Tulane University Administrators. As requested by multiple parties: Tax Form 990 for Tulane University, Fiscal Year 2004
Careful, it is large ~ 1.1MB

Here is the letter Save Tulane Engineering has sent to each board member: Entire PDF ~2.1mb and 18 pages

Download the Address and Email of Tulane's Board of Administrators! Let them know why engineering is important.

Our Mission Statement:

Save Tulane Engineering is a non-profit, student run, organization dedicated to promoting the educational value of engineering at Tulane and in New Orleans. Our goals are twofold:  First, to garner support for engineering programs critical to the renewal of New Orleans. Second, to enhance educational opportunities through superior research and community involvement by providing necessary funds for the School of Engineering.  We value a commitment to excellent engineering through innovation, creativity, and integrity in our personal and professional lives.

History: was formed within 12 hours after Tulane announced the elimination of the majority of the engineering programs at Tulane University. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, it took the administration over 1 week to get a website up and running.

After the announcement, communication among Tulane Engineers was at an all time high. Many were upset that the Board of Administrators would do such a thing in New Orleans' time of need. This website seemed like the best way to coordinate efforts among the technologically active student body. The website went live at 6 am on December 9, 2005. We also started an Online Petition to quantify the support we received. In under three days we had gathered over 1,000 signatures. You can sign the petition