There are many ways to show your support for Tulane Engineering. Here are some of the things that everyone can do:

1) Sign our Online Petition. This is a way for us to quantify support. You can sign your name here. We have gathered over 2700 signatures in just over 1 week. We look forward to seeing your name.

2) Contact President Cowen. You can contact him via e-mail or telephone:, 504-865-5201. Tell him about your experiences at Tulane and with Tulane Alumni. Also, tell him why engineering is vital to the future of New Orleans.

3) Post Fliers. You can print off these fliers and posters here. We would like them put up around New Orleans, specifically the Uptown area. Also, if area businesses agree to put them up, that would be greatly appreciated. The more people who know about our cause, the larger the support base in the community, and the easier it will be to convince Tulane to reconsider.

4) Chalk. This is something that all of us can do. Plus, the cost is very low. Chalking the campus will help get our message across to the Tulane Community. Make sure you only write on horizontal surfaces. We could get in trouble if we write on vertical surfaces as it does not wash off in a rain storm.

5) Contact Alumni. If you know any alumni of Tulane University, or better yet, the College of Engineering. We ask that you contact them and inform them of this disastrous decision. We feel that this decision undermines the rebuilding effort in New Orleans. If you are an alumnus of Tulane University, we have setup a way for you to add your name to our mailing list for easier contact. Simply add your information. Your information is secure and cannot be accessed by outside parties. Don't worry, we will not sell your information to any third parties. We're not in this to make money.

6) Talk to Your Congressperson. Contacting your Senators and Representatives will encourage our elected officials to respond to our cause. Eliminating engineering in New Orleans is not something that is in the best interest of our city. They need to understand that. You can contact your Senators and your Representatives. You are encouraged to call or visit their offices in person as well. Here is a copy of the letter that Will sent to his representatives.

7) Pledge Your Support. We are accepting pledges on our forums. The pledges are made on the condition that the College of Engineering is reinstated. At the moment, we are not accepting actual donations. But, a Non-Profit Organization is being formed to accept those donations should it become necessary.